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Are You Listening To Your Customers?

Print Media Centr by Deborah Corn

Over the past few months I have been in full-blown prep mode for The Printerverse at GRAPH EXPO 2015...read more


How Print And Digital Work Together

Print Media Centr by Jennifer Grace

Last month I wrote a blog explaining some misconceptions of the print industry...read more


Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Communication With Clients

Speckyboy Design Magazine by Addison Duvall

When you walk into a bakery, what’s the first thing you want to know?... read more


Getting the Clients You Deserve

Speckyboy Design Magazine by Paul Andrew

Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting clients. You know your designs are good....read more


Does your Sales Team Need Special Training to Sell Digital Print?

Xerox Blogs by Bill Michael

That’s the common perception of digital and litho. Two completely separate print processes. Two distinct workflows...read more


Out of Home Advertising Up 3.8% in Q2 2015


Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue rose 3.8 percent in the second quarter of 2015 compared to the previous year, accounting for $2.25 billion...read more


Breakthrough Business Model for The Printing Industry, "Unsquaring The Wheel" Introduced By Webb, Bondy, Peterson


Professor Chris Bondy of RIT’s School of Media Sciences knows this is a crucial time for graphic communications businesses...read more


Dear Young Print Sales Rep

by: Margie Dana

You and I haven’t met, but I wanted to give you a few pointers as you start your new career selling print.... read more


Trends in the Offset Printing Market

MyPRINTResource - Home

While offset is still the leading printing technology in the current market, it is getting squeezed by the move away from print toward digital products... read more


How to Decide When to Say NO to a Request For Proposal

Xerox Blogs by Andy Hill

Are you interested in new ways to refine your best practices and increase sales? Of course you are...read more