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Target Report 2015 Forecast - The Evolution of Printing & Packaging

Printing's Best Blogs

The Darwinian process of growth, change, merger, and failure proceeded with full vigor during 2014. ...read more


American Forest & Paper Association Releases December 2014 Paperboard Statistics Report


Total boxboard production decreased 2.6 percent when compared to December 2013 and decreased 3.2 percent from last month. ...read more


The Death of Books Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Printing's Best Blogs

It wasn't very long ago that the pundits were declaiming the death of the printed book. Yes, it wouldn't be long before the printed book was replaced by the soft glow of millions of e-book readers....read more


Since 2004, USPS Prices +38%, Consumer Prices +27%, Printing Prices +13%, Computers -44%, Wireless Communications -37%; What’s It All Mean?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported inflation levels for 2014, and the data show the divergence of digital and hard media in a very stark manner. ...read more


Offset Lithography: The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be


I was at a Christmas party last December and was talking with someone who had started a small printing business in his garage using old letterpress equipment (but then is there any other kind?).... read more


The End of the Sale

Printing's Best Blogs

The job has shipped. From start to finish, it's taken you months to go from that first meeting to where you are today....read more


Emerging Trends: Trends in Cross-media and Variable Data


Now, more than ever before, print, mobile, and web-based media go hand in hand. Marketers and brand owners are looking for providers who can fulfill marketing campaigns...read more


Goodbye Testimonials, Hello Customer Reviews

by: Margie Dana

Customer reviews are powerful. They can propel a business to the top of its food chain – or sink it to the bottom of the heap....read more


Six Common Freelancing Myths

Speckyboy Design Magazine by Preston Pierce

Just as the freelance industry is exploding with undiscovered, talented (and some not so talented) people, the myths that come with it are thriving as well....read more