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Multi-Channel Marketing: Combining the Strengths of Direct Mail and Online Campaigns

The Direct Mail Man by Blase Ciabaton

Online marketing channels, including social media and email marketing, are a hot topic in advertising and marketing. Read more


Eight Print Sample Videos from Graph Expo 2015

InfoTrends InfoBlog by Jim Hamilton

I’ve recorded eight short videos (each is between two and five minutes long) that highlight some interesting print samples from Graph Expo 2015. Read more


Don’t Believe You Are the Best Salesperson

The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

A salesperson who doesn’t believe that she is the best salesperson is better than the salesperson who believes that he is. Read more


5 Workflow Jams and How to Avoid Them

Digital Printing Hot Spot by Bill Michael

Smart workflows do so much for printers: cut inefficiencies, increase capacity, reduce costs, open up new services and establish better connections with customers, for starters. Read more


Custom Printing: The Power of Large Format Print

Printing Industry Blog by admin

My fiancee and I were driving to an appointment yesterday, when we saw a delivery truck parked diagonally in a lot. Read more


Customer Involvement Helps Printing Businesses Be More Profitable

Print Media Centr by Sandy Hubbard

During my four days volunteering in Deborah Corn’s Printerverse at Graph Expo, I came away with a new vision of customer care and customer experience. Read more


National Forest Week Puts Focus on Canada's Growing Forest Sector

Two Sides

National Forest Week is a weeklong celebration of our forests and the vital role they play in the cities and towns across our nation. Read more


Takeaways From Mobile Web Behavior

Smashing Magazine Feed by Richard Howe

According to Ian Carrington, Google’s mobile and social advertising sales director, speaking at Mobile Marketing Live back in 2012, more people in the world have access to a smartphone than a toothbrush. Read more


A Fresh Look at Augmented Reality

Margie Dana by Margie Dana

Last fall I interviewed Cindy Walas for Augmented Reality – Not Just for Special Effects. Read more