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Misconception 3: Print Is Bad For The Environment

Print Media Centr by Jennifer Grace

Here we have reached our last, perhaps most concentrated, misconception that print is bad for the environment? Read more


Survey Says Print Buyers Care More About Printers Than Price

Print Media Centr by Deborah Corn

A few weeks ago I sent out a short survey to my fellow print producers to get a quick temperature take on the things they care about, in order of importance. Read more


Top Ten Reasons to Thank Your Printer

Printing Industries Blog by ksmith@printing.org

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, the folks here at Printing Industries of America would like to take the time to thank printers all over the world for all of their hard work. Read more


Commercial Printing: A Debossing and Embossing Primer

Printing Industry Blog by admin

Both debossing and embossing bring an added dimension to offset commercial printing—literally—because they add depth to what otherwise is a flat piece of paper. Read more


Understanding Print File Formats

Print Media Centr by Deborah Corn

Printing may seem very straightforward but the reality is there are some technical considerations to printing that are just over looked and as a result sometimes things are not printed and the highest quality they could be.  Read more


Book Printing: A Page-Design Case Study

Printing Industry Blog by admin

A dear friend of mine from college designs print books. Read more


Seven Reasons to Use Print Marketing

InkOnDaPaper by inkondapaper

Placing your business firmly in the spotlight, and keeping it there, is one way of remaining in the minds of your customers. Read more


USPS Proposes New Print Technology Promo

InkOnDaPaper by inkondapaper

New promos from the USPS for 2016. Read more


How Your Work Environment Can Influence Your Designs

InfoTrends InfoBlog by Carrie Sylvester

Sometimes, as web and digital designers, we can get trapped in our little world of computers and software, attempting to work out the solution to our clients’ design problems, but failing to make any real breakthroughs. Read more


How Do You Tell Customers Their Ideas Are Bad?

Print Media Centr by Sandy Hubbard

Remember the last time you told a customer their idea was bad? Did you hesitate? Read more