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World-Wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry 

Print in the Mix: FastFacts

Examining the global printing industry in order to identify the top countries for future growth, along with the types of print products that will dominate...read more


3 Summertime Content Marketing Ideas for Printers

by: Margie Dana

It’s summertime. Isn’t the livin’ supposed to be easy?....read more


Two Sides Releases Results of New US Survey: Reading from Paper vs. Reading from Screens


A new survey into the preferences of consumers for printed versus digital communications has been published by Two Sides... read more


Spring 2015 Quarterly Paper Economic Outlook Report Now Available


The National Paper Trade Association’s Quarterly Economic Outlook Report was released on June 3....read more


American Forest & Paper Association Releases May 2015 Printing-Writing Statistics Report


According to the report, total printing-writing paper shipments decreased 9 percent in May compared to May 2014, with inventory levels increasing 8 percent from April....read more


Book Printing: More Approaches to a Boxed Set of Books

Printing Industry Blog by admin

I believe the term is “critical path” in project management speak...read more


Surly doesn’t suit you, saleslady

by: Margie Dana

If I had sales or service team members, or someone answering my phones, I’d teach them this on day 1....read more


The Egg Farmer & the Printer

by: Margie Dana

Last week, I opened up a 6-pack of eggs for my oatmeal cookie recipe, and out fell a small, printed insert....read more


Q1-2015 GDP Revised to “Less Bad” -0.2%; Q2 GDP in 2% Range


Real GDP was revised to make the first quarter’s decline much smaller, from -0.7% to -0.2%....read more


Designer of the Week: Amanda Wright

Print Magazine » Imprint by Amanda Aszman

Meet Print’s latest Designer of the Week, Amanda Wright, whose handmade greeting cards and paper goods caught our eye and whose wit still has us charmed.....read more