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4 Tips for Great Holiday Card Design


The mall is a winter wonderland of Christmas trees and holiday cheer. Warehouse stores display giant snowmen for front yards....read more


Weighing Your Paper Options

Dreaming in CMYK

Paper can make or break a project. Pick the wrong weight, and what should give off a strong, confident feeling – can leave your customers viewing your brand as flimsy ...read more


At Graph Expo, Ryobi MHI, GSNA, and Cron Focus on Ways Printers Can Cut Production Costs, Supercharge Productivity, and Enter New Markets


New-generation offset printing technology that beats digital and inkjet presses for proven reliability, superior print quality ...read more


IKEA'S "BookBook" Campaign Wins 2014 Positively Print Award at GRAPH EXPO 14


IKEA’s clever and humorous video touting the power of a good old-fashioned print catalog generated more than 7.7 million online views in less than a week... read more


Frank Romano Looks at the Future of the American Printer


The old printing industry is dead; the new printing industry is alive and growing,” said Frank Romano on Sunday...read more


When a Rep Leaves – What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted Customer?

by: Margie Dana

Despite all the talk about the lack of loyalty among print customers, I know for a fact that many customers are totally attached to certain sales reps and CSRs....read more


Print Is Not Customer-Friendly, Top CEO Tells EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Audience


The early-morning audience was shaken and awakened by Jon Budington, President and CEO of Alexandia, VA-based Global Printing, who cited what he believes are the two main problems that make the print medium such a challenge: Print is “insanely” expensive; and print is “really hard to use.”....read more


Create Your Own Grunge Brushes in Adobe Photoshop

Psdtuts+ by Mary Winkler

It's a fairly easy feat to create custom sets of grunge brushes in Adobe Photoshop once you have a couple of techniques down....read more