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The 2015 Kallima Family Folder is Here

February 19, 2015
Tony D

Looking for the ideal paper grade for your next print project?

With the help of this folder, printers and designers can see for themselves how well Kallima C1S, C1S Plus and C2S grades stand up to our major competitors. The sample sheets have been beautifully printed in a 4 color process with 200 line screen using inks that contain vegetable oil and include dull, gloss and satin aqueous coatings. 

Our C1S Plus grade included in this piece may be of particular interest to the print and graphic design community. Its sinlge back side coating guarantees printability on the reverse side and offers a significant savings advatage over C2S products. C1S Plus is an ideal grade for 2-sided print projects that have lighter reverse side visual requirements. Count on Kallima for print performance, sustainability and savings. 

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