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3 Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid on Brochures

September 10, 2014
Tony D

Brochures can be useful documents in a number of situations. Whether you're a business owner looking to advertise your services or a fundraiser looking to boost donations to your cause, a brochure serves as a handheld piece of literature that's specifically targeted to your audience.

And believe it or not, graphic design can play a huge role in the overall success of a brochure as a document. Read on to explore the most common graphic design mistakes made on brochures.

Poor Use of White Space

Some people mistakenly view a brochure as an opportunity to shove as much information onto a double-sided sheet of paper as possible. However, this isn't going to engage your audience. These days, audiences don't want to have to read through block after block of text; instead, they prefer succinct text that's to-the-point.

As such, be careful to ensure that your brochure isn't too "busy." There should be plenty of white space to break up blocks of text and provide a visual guide for your reader to keep skimming.

Bad Font Choices

Think all fonts are the same? Think again! When designing a brochure, you want to use fonts that are easy to read. Therefore, try not to make the mistake of using a script/handwriting font. If your audience has to squint or struggle to decipher the letters and numbers, they're not likely to read your message.

Furthermore, be careful not to use the same font throughout your entire brochure. Instead, use different font styles to distinguish headings from body text. For instance, consider using a sans-serif font for all your headings and a serif font for the rest of the brochure.

Lack of Images

Let's face it: text can be boring. You need more than just text to engage your audience, especially when dealing with a brochure. Be sure to incorporate relevant images into your brochure that will appeal to your audience's emotions.

For example, if you're advertising your tow truck company's services, why not include an image of one of your smiling truck drivers to boost your company's reputation with the audience? Remember: a picture can say a thousand words.

Creating a brochure isn't always easy from a graphic design standpoint. However, by avoiding these all-too-common brochure mistakes, you can ultimately create a brochure that will be both engaging and visually appealing for the members of your target audience.

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