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4 Tips for Great Holiday Card Design

September 22, 2014
Tony D

The mall is a winter wonderland of Christmas trees and holiday cheer. Warehouse stores display giant snowmen for front yards. The shopping madness has begun. Yes, it’s that time of year again: October! The build up to the holiday season really does start this early.

If you’re considering creating a custom holiday card, now is the time to start planning. Many business owners send “customized” cards ordered from catalogs. They choose an image for the front of the card and a generic message to go inside. But how customized is that, really? After working hard all year to maintain a brand, why water it down with the same old holiday message?

If you’re not creating a truly customized card that features your corporate identity in a creative way, you’re missing an opportunity to send a positive message. Clients remember an attractive, unique card. As you begin working on card designs, keep in mind the following tips:

Choose a great theme

Consider your audience in choosing a theme that connotes winter holidays. Gingerbread men, snowmen, holiday cookies, unique snowflakes, stars, ice skaters and other wintertime designs all send a good feeling about the season.

Use the space inside

Don’t forget that all the white space inside is ripe for more than just a cheery message. Many themes can be started on the front and continued inside. For instance, the front might feature whimsical ice skaters, while the inside shows skates with untied laces. A great theme can also carry through to the envelope, whether on the back flap or below the return address on the front. Be sure to check postal regulations to leave correct address spacing.

Save time with pre-printed signatures

Many business owners dread the holiday ritual of signing hundreds of cards. Why not sign once and have them preprint signatures on the press? Signatures can be printed in blue ink to make them look freshly signed.

Choose the right paper

The right paper gives your project the polish it needs. Keep in mind your overall corporate identity and the types of pieces customers typically see. A bright blue-white, coated sheet in cover weight is perfect to show off the graphic design. Naturally we recommend Kallima C1S Plus - it allows you to print on the inside of the card and hand written messages won't smudge like with some other coated stocks. Don’t forget to also select a complementary envelope paper.

If you start planning now, designing and producing a memorable holiday card will be a breeze!

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