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5 Advantages of Print Marketing over Digital

January 29, 2015
Tony D

As businesses focus more on website branding, SEO, and mobile optimzation, is there still a place for print? The short answer: Yes! Powerful marketing relies on capturing customers' attention and engagement, which print venues often do better than digital. Here are 5 reasons to make room for print ads in your next marketing campaign:

There's value in tangibility

Magazines, newspapers, brochures and flyers all gain constant exposure, unlike online ads that fade into obscurity. Plus, adding the element of touch builds more engagement and attention.

Print gives off more credibility

The sheer prevalence of shady "click here now" Internet ads turns away many potential customers who fear scams and malware. Print ads bear no such risk, and publishers often put much more effort and creativity into them, giving more value to consumers.

Print targets niche markets more effectively

Specialized print publications offer a targeted way to reach the unique demographics that can be hit-or-miss with digital advertising.

Print captures readers' attention

Studies show that consumers spend much more time reading a print article than its digital equivalent. In fact, most online articles are skimmed in as little as 10 seconds, or bookmarked and never revisited. The absence of speed scrolling and the easier-on-the-eyes nature of print encourages readers to spend more time absorbing the content.

Print can save money

While web advertising is often seen as a cheaper alternative to print, studies confirm that 80 percent of people have never clicked on a single banner ad. Depending on the scope of a marketing campaign, that's a lot of dollars wasted on unreceptive eyes. Print advertising may cost more in the short run, but it's money that actually goes somewhere.

Is print the panacea to all marketing woes? No, but it definitely has a solid place in today's advertising world. Businesses that leverage both their print and digital capabilities to deliver relevant, timely, and engaging content have a much better shot at reaching customers.

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