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5 Reasons to Feel Good About Print Marketing

October 15, 2014
Tony D

Now, more than ever companies are thinking about sustainability in all areas of their operations, from sourcing raw materials and manufacturing products to providing services and reaching out to their customers. Here’s 5 ways that print delivers on sustainability and business results.

Energy Efficient Print Equipment

As with any business, commercial printers are constantly looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. And, the equipment manufacturers have been responding. The latest commercial print presses use less energy, are more efficient and allow greater flexibility of press run size. This greater flexibility eliminates the risk of needlessly producing too many print pieces just to gain economies of scale.

Reduction of Waste

A great amount of progress has been made to reduce waste in the print industry, both by paper manufacturers and print producers.  For instance, at Kallima we offer press ready skids that printers can re-use to ship printed product to their clients. Such packaging solutions not only save time and money but also have a positive impact on sustainability.

Earth-Friendly Paper

FSC certified, recycled, chlorine and acid free – the choice of sustainable paper grades has never been bigger. At Kallima, we know firsthand that having our products FSC-certified contributes to keeping forests healthy, protecting natural habitats and supporting communities that depend on them. Furthermore paper is one of the most recycled materials – marketers can rest assured paper based communication is as sustainable as the digital one. For more information on this topic, we recommend - www.twosides.info/

Green Ink

Although not a recent development, it is one that is often overlooked. The use of “green” or vegetable-based inks is widespread and has been around for a while. Production and use of these inks is much gentler on the environment than that of their solvent based counterparts.

It works

Direct mail is the ideal example of print that delivers resuslts. A quick online search will yield lots of data showing that when executed well, print based marketing can more than hold its own versus the purely online alternatives. Of course, the best campaigns will use a combination of both. So knock those integrated campaigns out of the park, just make sure your print is responsibly produced.

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