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Direct Mail Marketing Still Has a Lot to Offer

November 14, 2014
Tony D

As we advance closer and closer towards a completely digital age, many businesses are throwing the marketing techniques of the past out the proverbial window. Conventional wisdom in today's modern climate says that print direct mail marketing is obsolete. Why spend money to send out print mailers when you can just as easily send an email, for example, or outfit your landing pages with the best possible call to action? In reality, print direct mail marketing still has a lot to offer - regardless of the type of business you happen to be running.

One of the major things that direct mail marketing still has to offer is that it's tangible. Even though it's incredibly easy to send an email to prospective customers, it is just as easy for those customers to delete it without ever reading it. Print materials, on the other hand, will at the very least make it into the hands of customers in between the mailbox and the trash can. If you've designed eye catching materials that the customer can't help but read, that one small opportunity will make all of the difference.

Another major benefit of direct mail marketing is that it is inherently much more personal than digital methods, thanks largely to the fact that you're giving the customer something that they can hold in their hand. People are much more likely to respond to these types of materials if they feel special in some way, or if they feel that the material is targeted directly to them instead of everyone with an email address.

Speaking of targeting, that idea represents yet another major benefit that print direct mail marketing still has to offer. Print materials can allow you to focus on smaller groups of people who are statistically the most likely to respond to your offer. You can target thousands of people in a particular city very inexpensively, for example, based on the geographical area of your target audience. This not only allows you to make sure that you're spending your money (and your time) in the right way, but it also helps to increase your penetration rate and your return on investment at the same time.

Print materials also give you an opportunity to really unleash your creativity on your target audience. Formats like letters, brochures and more are essentially blank canvasses with huge amounts of potential limited only by your own imagination.

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