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Event Success With Paper

October 31, 2014
Tony D

Digital invitations and e-cards were all the rage 15 years ago, but now, paper is the only way to go if you truly want to make an impression. Read on for just a few paper ideas that will make sure your guests remember and discuss your event for years to come. 


Reflect on your event type to find the perfect invitation shape for your guests. For example, you can create invitations in the shape of tickets or certificates for an end of the year awards ceremony. Consider creating a 3D popup invitation to impress your guests before the event even begins. You can include a pullout tab that pops up the element or have it rise as guest open the folded invitation. For best results, consider using a thicker stock like our C2S 14 pt to make sure the popup elements move and stand as expected.


You can create beautiful bouquets of paper flowers to top the tables with a memorable element. You can also create individual flowers to suspend from the ceiling or attach to the event banners.

The type of paper you choose for this project greatly influences the final finish of your flowers. For example, tissue paper creates delicate, wispy petals while cardstock produces rugged, firm flowers. In addition to using solid colors for your flowers, consider patterns, like swirls and paisley prints, to create more movement in your designs.

Place Markers

Place markers tell guests where to sit and give them a starting point on conversation with tablemates. The better the design, the more your guests have to discuss with each other. Again, thicker paper, such as 10, 12 and 14 pt work best for the place markers. 

Place marker ideas you can use for your event include cutouts of your guests' names, faux awards and characters holding a sign showing each guest's name. A good print provider should be able to propose some production options.

Creating Your Items

Design and production must work together, so make sure this conversation happens early on. The paper choice is quite important - consider using different paper grades and weights to create the desired effects.  And of course, choose a stock that responds well to die-cutting, embossing and folding (order our swatch book to see some of those in action).

With the holiday season approaching, it's a perfect time to get creative with your marketing and events.

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