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Free Webinar: Evocative Presentation Folder Design

July 14, 2015
Adrienne J.

On July 16, Kallima had the great pleasure of being part of a great PaperSpecs webinar on Evocative Presentation Folder Design.

During the webinar, Ellen Bruss Design's Ellen Bruss and Ken Garcia discussed the inspiration behind some of their award winning work, such as campaigns for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver - for which they received four Hermes Creative Awards - and several luxury invitation projects that were recognized by the 2015 American Package Design Awards.

Highlights of this presentation included:

  • Function First: Why that Who, What and How are So Important
  • Capacity Questions: Determining if you Need it and How Much is Enough
  • Budget Advice: Creating Impact and Maximizing Sheet Sizes
  • Paper Options: Premium Substrates and Laminating to Board
  • Printing Essentials: Favorite Techniques for Folder Design
  • Creative Inspiration: Tip-ons, Closures, Sleeves, and Cases

Click here for a recording of the webinar!

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