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Is There Still Room for Direct Mail Marketing?

February 12, 2015
Tony D

Email may have speed, but snail mail’s “slow and steady” often wins the race. Avid direct mail marketers are profiting from direct mail’s growing popularity, and physical delivery’s properties deliver a plethora of advantages when compared to email marketing.

Physical paper is incredibly effective, sales-wise, and utilizing direct mail, rather than email, marketing campaigns ensures attention, new prospects and overall growth. Direct mail is useful for a number of reasons, and it provides enhanced success for marketers due to the following reasons:

Direct Male is Incredibly Customizable

Sure, emails can be customized too, but direct mail retains an age-old quality of recipient-tailored composition. One of digital marketing’s biggest flaws is its inability to customize its content. It fails to bring life to a mail campaign.

Typical promotions, digital methods and online, multi-channel marketing strategies are hindered by their ability to serve mass audiences. The new digital age has raised some problems with such practices, too, as consumers have become indignant towards the standardized, buzz-word-filled click-bait.

Direct mail, however, reserves promotions within quality and customization. Often, direct mail campaigns are defined by an acute goal—rather than a wide one. This quality works well for retaining customers, and customer retention is one of marketing’s biggest goals.

Direct Mail Targets Location Easily

Direct mail is capable of narrowing down consumers by area and zip code—comparing their data with nearby service and product providers. While webmail marketers contain inbound data to influence prospective consumers, direct mail marketers govern the physical realm—and the physical realm is vital to product and area-centric promotion.

Direct Mail Avoids the Spam Folder

There’s something nice about holding a weighted letter, and direct mail marketing tactics focusing on the above-mentioned customized delivery bypass the recipient’s “spam detector”. A mail box doesn’t contain a spam folder, and recipients are less inclined to toss a letter entitled to them.

Unfortunately, much time and effort is squandered on email campaigns, as webmail providers have become increasingly adroit at filtering webmail marketing letters. Overall click-through suffers when the recipient utilizes an effective email provider.

Time is a Factor

Direct mail’s chief benefit lies within its immediacy. The mail is delivered during weekly working days, and many consumers check it regularly for bills, important documents and letters. Often, the recipient sees the direct mail marketing letter—whereas email notifications pile up before potential recipients mass-delete them.

Time, accessibility, and customization all benefit direct mail campaigns, and such marketing efforts still thrive upon the paper industry. Thankfully, this marketing aspect will hold weight for some time: bringing great opportunities to marketers and consumers alike.

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