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Kallima Sheets & Children's Art

February 12, 2014
Ekaterina Moustafina

Like many of you already, at Kallima, we love paper. But what we love the most are beautiful things created with paper. A few times a year we send out a couple of paper boxes to various schools and college, for the students to have an opportunity to create something beautiful with their hands. This year, one of the schools was the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary. Their president, Sheila Desormeaux surprised us one morning with a lovely email and a few examples of how the children have transformed Kallima’s plain white sheets into wonderful pieces of art. We wanted to thank Mrs Desormeaux, Mrs. Diemahave & her students by sharing the pictures that they have sent us. Below is Mrs.Desormeaux email.

«Good Morning Kallima team,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and TEMBEC for your generous donation of paper. Attached you will find some of the wonderful pieces of art work our students have done under the guidance of our art teacher Mrs. Cathy Diemahave. Every last piece of paper gets turned into a beautiful creation.

Thanks so much!!! We REALLY appreciate it.

Sheila Desormeaux
President Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary Home and School
Vaudreuil, Quebec»





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