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Yes, It's Here! Kallima's All New Swatchbook!

March 27, 2014
Ekaterina Moustafina

Have you heard? Kallima has a new swatchbook!

We worked hard to create a book that you fellow designers could use as inspiration for your future projects, and we are rather proud of the final result. The book contains the updated Kallima FSC-certified coated cover line of C1S, C1S Plus as well as C2S and the new C2S 14 pt.

We think you'll like the theme of the piece as well. But reading about it, and seeing the visuals on a screen, is entirely different from the experience of holding it in your hands and being able to feel the different paper effects and print craftsmanship we've put on display. After all, the beauty of paper is not only the visual, but the tactile experience as well.

We welcome you to order your very own free copy right here and get the full effect for yourself.

As a little preview here are some of the finishes that the new book contains:

Multilevel embossing, foil stamping

Multilevel embossing

Debossing and multilevel embossing, foil stamping, spot gloss UV

Embossing and debossing, spot gloss UV, dull and gloss strikethrough coating

Glitter Ink, spot gloss UV, dull and gloss strikethrough coating

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