Our top 5 Graphic Designer Websites

April 18, 2012 by Ekaterina Moustafina
SpeckyBoy Design Magazine

Established by Paul Andrew, a freelance web designer, SpeckyBoy quickly became an online reference for designers. With at least one new article a day, the magazine offers a wide range of practical articles from handy time saving tips to clever tutorials you can’t afford to miss.

We really love to showcase the best and most innovative web design styles, keep you up to date with the latest in current design trends and highlight the latest in web technologies… You’ll love us :)

We recommend: Interesting Things Designers Can Do With Extra Time


This site/blog is loaded with all things Photoshop, where even the veterans of the craft are sure to find something to benefit from.
But the Tuts+ Network does not stop there as it also offers the following resources for us to benefit from:
♦Web Development — Nettuts+
♦Illustrator and Vector — Vectortuts+
♦Audio and Production — Audiotuts+
♦Adobe After Effects — Aetuts+
♦Computer Graphics — Cgtuts+
♦Browser App and Game Dev — Activetuts+
♦Photography — Phototuts+
♦Mobile Development — Mobiletuts+
♦Web Design — Webdesgntuts+

We recommend: Test Your Photoshop Knowledge & strongly suggest: Best of Tuts+ in March 2012


Once done with the creative, you are ready to send your project off to the printer to finally be able to hold all that hard work and devotion in your hands. But what do you print it on? With the variety of choices on the market, PaperSpecs is here to help you learn and select the right kind of paper for your project. As Sabine Lenz, the founder of the website describes it herself:

“PaperSpecs is the first online paper database specifically developed for the design and print industries.”

We recommend: PaperSpecs' webinars


From Photoshop tricks to eye-grabbing designs, GraphicMania.net is sure to inspire your next master-piece and its tutorials come handy during the creation process.

We recommend: How to Do Market Research for Your Project

1st WebDesigner

Their name says it all, the 1stwebdesigner has everything a designer is looking for and much more:
♦Web Design

We recommend: A Handy Guide to Proper Typography for a Successful Design

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