FSC®-certified Lightweight Coated Cover

Press Ready Skids

It's a demanding business where time is money. When you've got a printing job with a tight deadline, you want to know that your skids are ready to go, so you can focus your efforts on quality. That's precisely why Kallima is available on press-ready skids in your favourite C1S and C2S stock sizes that fit most 28 and 40 in. presses.

Convenient handling

You can now use lower sheet counts to meet the needs of smaller jobs, which means lighter skids that are easier to handle.

Easy-to-remove, reusable packaging

Our packaging is also easy to remove and our smaller skids can be used to ship printed material.

Cost savings and increased productivity

By eliminating the need for re-piling,you also save time and manpower. Reducing set-up time improves your overall efficiency.

Reduced waste

Reduce waste generated during re-piling or from larger skids left unwrapped and damaged between jobs.

Skid Details

  • C1S and C2S stock sizes 23X35, 25x38, 26X40 and 28X40.
  • Maximum height of 40" on a 5" high skid.
  • Total height not to exceed 45" to fit most presses.
  • Wooden runners set 28" apart. Deck made of wooden planks.
  • Stretch wrap, picture frame wooden top and plastic bands
  • Recyclable wrap