• Gloss coated topside, matte coated backside - C1S Plus 8 pt, 10 pt, 12 pt, and 14 pt.
  • Value alternative to traditional C2S, with guaranteed print on the back side.
  • Basis weight advantage offers savings of up to 20% on paper cost and shipping of printed material.
  • Great printability and smooth runnability on the press.
  • Backside coating gives increased stability over traditional C1S grades.
  • A bright, blue-white shade allows for beautiful, vivid color.
  • Quick drying.
  • Industry leading print gloss.
  • Sheeter Rolls, Sheetfed, Digital.
  • FSC-certified, with 10% recycled content upon request.
  • Acid Free
  • FDA-compliant for dry food contact.


Property Target Target Target Target Target
Caliper (pt.)
Caliper (microns)203229254305356
Nominal Basis Weight (lb./MSF)36.938.941.047.153.3
Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)180190200230260
Nominal Basis Weight (lb.) 24 × 36/500111117123141160
Roughness PPS (microns) - Top1.
Roughness PPS (microns) - Back3.
Brightness GE (%) - Top9090909088.5
Brightness GE (%) - Back8989898987
Gloss Hunter (%) - Top4848484848

*Guaranteed to meet USPS standards.

Note: A variation of +/- 5% in basis weight or caliper is considered acceptable by industry standards.