Everything you need to make high quality boxes with exceptional graphics.

  • 10 and 12 pt
  • Specifically designed for printing offset and laminating to single-face corrugate.
  • Ideal for lightweight box construction on its own.
  • Lighter basis weight provides more square footage per ton.
  • Exceptionally high quality graphics.
  • Consistent printability and runnability.
  • Accurate scoring, die cutting and folding.
  • Compatible with laser engraving.
  • Acid Free
  • FDA-compliant for dry food contact.


Target Properties

Property Target Target
Caliper (pt.)10.012.0
Nominal Basis Weight (lb./MSF)41.145.1
Brightness GE (%) - Top8787
Moisture Content (%) - Top6.06.0
Roughness PPS (microns) - Top1.01.0
Gloss Hunter (%) - Top5050

Note: A variation of +/- 5% in basis weight or caliper is considered acceptable by industry standards.