• Coated one side (C1S)
  • Great printability and smooth runnability on the press
  • Quick drying
  • Basis weight advantage
  • Available in sheets and rolls
  • FDA-compliant for dry food contact
  • FSC®-certified*


Target Properties

Caliper (pt.)
Caliper (microns)356406457
Nominal Basis Weight (lb./MSF)47.152.358.4
Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)230255285
Nominal Basis Weight (lb.) 24 × 36/500141.3156.9175.2
Roughness PPS (microns) - Top1.21.21.2
Brightness GE (%) - Top868686
Gloss Hunter (%) - Top484848

Score Bend Testing Results

MD ScoresScoreNo ScoreRatioResidualResd/Score
Folding Grade 14 pt.10327038640.62
Folding Grade 16 pt.10635030680.64
Folding Grade 18 pt.11441428750.66
CD Scores (units are g-f)ScoreNo ScoreRatioResidualResd/Score
Folding Grade 14 pt.8517648490.58
Folding Grade 16 pt.8723138540.62
Folding Grade 18 pt.10127537620.61

*FSC® available with upcharge. Contact your representative for more information.

*A variation of +/- 5% in basis weight or caliper is considered acceptable by industry standards.

*Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult kallimapaper.com for the latest product specifications.